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Letter 2283A

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, C. R.

[after 8 June 1858]

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    Sends a model of bee cells "as bad as a Chinese puzzle". [A series of paper cut-out figures.]


I send this model as I have made it, but it is not worth much. If you turn up all the triangles perpendicular to what they are fixed to, & the semicircles, in short every thing perpendicular to every thing, it makes quarter of a dodec.

This is as bad as a chinese puzzle & not of any consequence

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    f1 2283a.f1
    Dated by the relationship to the letter from E. A. Darwin, [8 June 1858].
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    f2 2283a.f2
    The final sentence was written in pencil on the verso of the letter. The letter was originally sent folded around a series of paper cut-out figures. The figures are in DAR 162: 48/4.
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