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Letter 13269A

Darwin, C. R. to North, Marianne

2 Aug 1881

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    Obliged for the shrub "Australian Sheep" [Raoulia eximia] and pleased to have seen MN's Australian pictures. Can still recall scenes from various countries with vividness.


Down, Beckenham, Kent.

2d August 1881.

My dear Miss North,

I am much obliged for the "Australian Sheep," which is very
curious. If I had seen it from a yard's distance lying on a table, I
would have wagered that it was a coral of the genus Porites.
I am so glad that I have seen your Australian pictures, and it was
extremely kind of you to bring them here. To the present time I am
often able to call up with considerable vividness scenes in various
countries which I have seen, and it is no small pleasure; but my mind
in this respect must be a mere barren waste compared with your

I remain, dear Miss North, yours, truly obliged, | Charles Darwin.

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