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Letter 13037

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, W. E.

5 Feb [1881]


Discusses investments.

The action of worms when drawing leaves into their burrows.


My dear W.

I think that the Leeds Corporation or the Leicester Corporation wd be best, & next the Canada Bonds.— My objection to latter is chance of war with U. States.— I have lost so much money in London & St. K. Docks. that I loathe the investment,—not that I really object—

I have been hunting the Rhododendron beds & can find no leaves drawn in, & I imagine reason is the worms do not like peat.— The leaves of the varieties observed today, do not become nearly so much narrowed or infolded at their basal ends by withering, as did the leaves collected yesterday, in which the process was well marked.—

The worms are drawing in my triangular card nicely, but enough have not yet been drawn in for any conclusion. I think that I shall try feathers.—

Leonard has just arrived, I am glad to say. He looks well, but seems very chilly & is easily tired: his figure has become quite graceful.—

Goodbye—dear old fellow | your affect Father | C. Darwin

Best of love to Sara.—

Down. Feb. 5th

DAR 210.6: 175


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