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Letter 11418A

Darwin, C. R. to Smith, Frederick (a)

12 Mar 1878

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    Sends FS some specimens of harvesting ants along with the observations of their habits made by Mary Treat. If the facts are new, he believes that Mrs Treat would be gratified by their being mentioned before the Entomological Society. [See 11422.]


Down, | Beckenham, Kent. | Railway Station | Orpington. S.E.R.

March 12 1878

My dear Mr Smith,

I have thought that the enclosed specimens might interest you. As far as my ignorance permits me to judge, the great difference in the casts of workers seems very curious; & some of Mrs Treats observations on their habits. She has done some good work with plants. I do not want either the specimens or note returned. Should the facts be sufficiently new, I do not doubt that she would be much gratified by your mentioning the fact before the Entomological Society.

Yours sincerely | Charles Darwin

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    This letter is not yet published in the edition of The correspondence of Charles Darwin; it is due to appear in volume 26. The text is being made available here ahead of print publication as part of the `Darwin and Gender' project funded by The Bonita Trust.
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