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Letter 10485B

Darwin, C. R. to Darwin, Francis

[30 Apr 1876]

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    CD has just had an interview with Edward Frankland, who "almost laughs" at FD's idea of getting potash and soda out of the soil by treating it with sulphuric acid. Asks FD to send him a soil sample to give to Frankland. Sends enclosures giving address and labels for soil samples.


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[Enclosure: 1]

Packets to be labelled

``From Mr. Darwin earth burnt, treated with sulphuric acid & washed

``From Mr Darwin Natural earth from a considerable depth, supposed to be almost ???? of what will support plants

A Memorandum to be added, addressed to Prof. Frankland & enclosed with the 2 parcels

``Mr Darwin wishes to know whether these parcels of earth contain any Pottasium, Sodium, Lime, Magnesia, Phosphorus or Sulphur.—

I cannot remember any other substance

Dr. Frankland

Royal College of Chemistry

South Kensington Museum

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