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The importance of having the right Beard

No, not the famous beard belonging to Charles himself, but the right member of the Beard family, two generations of whom were artists in or around New York in the nineteenth century.   A short while ago we asked for … Continue reading

Rehabilitating Henrietta, or the importance of Data when Dating

A small lockable leather diary in the archive at Cambridge University Library is leading us to reassess one of the key relationships in Charles Darwin’s life.   Volume 19 of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, published today, is making the … Continue reading

Capturing Darwin’s Voice: Audio of Selected Darwin Letters Now Available

On a sunny Wednesday in June 2011 in a makeshift recording studio somewhere in Cambridge, we were very pleased to welcome Terry Molloy back to the Darwin Correspondence Project for a special recording session. Terry, known for his portrayal of … Continue reading

One of our caricatures is missing!

[News:  Thanks to Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education, we now think we may be looking for a version of an 1859 painting by William Holbrook Beard called "The Youthful Darwin Expounding his Theories".  Full update to … Continue reading

Anne Schlabach Burkhardt (1916–2012)

We regret to announce the death of Anne Schlabach Burkhardt on 11 March 2012. Anne Burkhardt has been associated with the Darwin Correspondence Project since its beginning in 1974, and her contribution to its work has helped ensure the regular … Continue reading

Talk about Darwin’s Conflict with Samuel Butler

As part of Cambridge Science Festival, the Darwin Correspondence Project’s Alison Pearn will be giving a talk ‘Falling foul of natural selection: Samuel Butler and the Darwins’ on Saturday 17 March at 3.30pm at St John’s College Library, St John’s … Continue reading

Dine Like Darwin

What better way to start the new year than an afternoon of Victorian science and domestic life? On January 4 the Harvard office of the Darwin Correspondence Project helped to host an event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cosponsored … Continue reading

Darwin’s “warm little pond”

After reading about an experiment that showed some moulds could survive boiling, Darwin speculated in a letter to his friend Joseph Hooker that life on earth might have started in a “warm little pond”:   It is often said that … Continue reading

Happy 203rd Birthday, Charles Darwin!

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809. Below are a few excerpts from letters Darwin wrote or was sent on his birthday. Can you identify Darwin’s ‘cake’ in the picture? Answer at the bottom!   Three letters written by … Continue reading

Sex sells!

I hear that Ladies think it delightful reading, but that it does not do to talk about it, which no doubt promotes the sale.   In 1871 Darwin published Descent, his long-awaited book on human evolution, and all 2500 copies … Continue reading