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Darwin’s Photographic Portraits

Darwin’s picture is everywhere. It’s on the £10 bank note, it’s all over this website, and in most science textbooks. But where exactly did these images that we know so well come from?   The archives of the Darwin Correspondence … Continue reading

The elusive Mr Roberts

   In 1874, when Darwin fell out spectacularly with the zoologist St George Jackson Mivart, and refused to communicate any further with him, an intermediary was proposed – a Mr Roberts. But Mr Roberts proved intriguingly elusive: was he a … Continue reading

Coming soon to a library near you

  We were very excited this morning to receive a package with our first copies of volume 20 of The correspondence of Charles Darwin, which contains letters from the year 1872. This was a very significant year for Darwin, who … Continue reading

A year in Darwin’s life – in (dirty) pictures

Behind every great website…. lies a lot of research, and quite often, a printed book. Or several.   Some of you may not be aware that in addition to appearing on this website, all of Charles Darwin’s letters are being … Continue reading

5000 letter images go online

We are collaborating with the Cambridge Digital Library to publish images of 1200 letters exchanged by Darwin with his closest friend, Joseph Dalton Hooker – more than 5000 images in total.  This is the single largest publication of images of … Continue reading

Telegram for Charles Darwin…

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February 1809, so would have been 204 this year! The Naples Zoological Station were among many to have sent Darwin birthday wishes during his lifetime. He received this telegram from them in 1874.   … Continue reading

The ‘Darwin behind the scenes’ exhibit goes virtual!

  In the summer of 2011, the Darwin Correspondence Project put together an exhibit based around Charles Darwin’s personal letters. The aim was to use his correspondence to understand better the ways he worked and thought. Was Darwin a solitary … Continue reading

“Get to know Darwin” – a student’s-eye view

Reading Darwin’s correspondence is the best way to meet him, both as a scientist and as an individual. We have just launched the first modules in a new set of resources to help students – in and out of formal … Continue reading

Hairy experience in the Darwin archive!

The Darwin archive not only contains letters, manuscript material, photographs, books and articles but also all sorts of small, dry specimens, mostly enclosed with letters. Many of these enclosures have become separated from the letters or lost altogether, but we … Continue reading

Darwin, environmental tinkering and a tale of two bees

We have a new page in our ‘Darwin and Life Science’ section for World Environment Day on 5 June.  Inspired by the sight of a bee that only arrived in the UK in the last ten years, and by the … Continue reading